Hi my name is Ranbir Singh and I am an Electronics and
Communication Engineer graduated from Manipal Institute of
Technology ;one of the finest Engineering Colleges in India.
Voice Communication is a very powerful tool to enhance
business. I love working on the equipment of Nortel Networks.
I have so far worked on Nortel Option 11C, Nortel Call Pilot
and DECT systems. The best part about about Nortel is their
wide portfolio of products that allows to make a state of the
art Telecom Solution at a very economical cost. From a 10,000
Agent Call Centre in the UK to providing IVRs for the biggest
Mobile Company - Airtel in India, Nortel is providing more and
more companies with innovative solutions.
But we have developed habit of complaining and sometimes feel that we should always complain
about things that go wrong. However this is precisely what takes us away from Gratitude.
And besides this I am also a Film-maker. As a matter of fact Humdulillah was first written as a movie
script while I was doing my film courses from Cinemagics-Kuwait. And then as I started working on it;
it eventually turned into a book. The process of writing and developing the book has taken me to
whole new world.Amazing what all life can teach us if we are willing to step out of our comfort zone.
And after this I hope to continue working as Nortel Networks Engineer; write some more books and
eventually make some movies. And if you share these interests then may be someday our paths will
And now I am a writer as well and Humdulillah-Attitude of Gratitude In The Islamic Culture is my
first Novella. Writing this book has been a wonderful experience. I was a believer of gratitude when I
started writing the book and now I am a stronger believer. However developing Attitude Of
Gratitude is a journey of faith where we realize that our creator can do no wrong to us and for this
we can only be grateful to Him.
However any Telecom Solution needs to be optimized by choosing the right hardware-modules while
purchasing it so that it is productive for its buyer. Network or have already set it up with IVR,
Enterprise Mobility, VoIP Call Centres,Unified Messaging Etc and NORTEL is your choice as well then I
would love to work with you.